Monday, June 15, 2009

135, The Perfect Tai Tai

Today and the past few days have been well spent, no doubt to that. Maybe there's not really a need to go out of the country or over the causeway to have a great holiday at all. I really appreciate Ma & Pa trying to seek to our wants and needs and especially what they have done. Such small outings we have together creates a big impact to my life and it really means more to have quality time together. We rarely get to do this together as a family most of the time cause Ma is usually busy and Pa is usually working. I'm glad that the holidays have allowed us to create such a bond together.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Where would you want to work at for a start? These have been the questions that my family has been talking about. Such small questions can bring us to such a big topic. To be able to spend, you would need money. To have money, you would have to earn the money. If you get a good job, you'll earn loads and spending is not a problem. But if you don't, you won't be able to seek to all your wants and needs. And this all comes to this word 'education'. 

But, why? Why do I have to study hard so I can get a good job to earn lots of money so that I can seek to my every want and need? I can still grow up to become a Tai Tai. Yes, I can just grow up marrying a rich man and don't have to work at all. I would only have to receive money and then splurge all I want. Victoria Beckhams & Kimora Lee are one of those perfect Tai Tai's. A stay-at-home mother with a rich, successful husband. Doesn't a Tai Tai live such a perfect, easy life? Well, I don't wish to look at it that way. Wouldn't it be much more meaningful if you were the one who earned and spend the money yourself. When you do it yourself instead of using someone else's money, it gives you the thrill to work harder. When you do, it makes you feel proud. Maybe a Tai Tai could have such an easy life, but someone who works hard to earn that something, that is what you call an achievement. An achievement that means more...... Much more than you can imagine (:

I've got my priorities straight and I stick to my words.

xoxo !


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