Wednesday, June 17, 2009

136, (Blank)

I have got no idea.
I have been overwhelmed by such emotions.
I'm sorry if I've got to my moods too easily.

My schedule for the next few days:

Out to town again. 
More window-shopping.

Another good outing, Insyallah.

Saturday(the day I have been looking forward to)
Get lunch with one of gfys.
Meet the dudes at 8pm. *winkwink

I NEED a break for myself.
I shall follow auntie to her house in Malaysia until Tuesday.
I wouldn't wanna worry about anything. 
I'm looking forward to having a hell of a time there.

Get lunch with anyone.
Will head to United Square if I can.

Other than that, I will have to finish all my homework.
I'm not in a mood to post actually. 



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