Thursday, June 18, 2009

137, I Ain't About Later(:

Hey Readers(:

The past few days have been awesome. Wednesday- My family and I went to Singapore Discovery Center to catch the 3D version of Monster vs Alien. It's such a funny movie. If you need to get your mind of out some stuffs, go ahead and watched it if you have yet done so and go get yourself some laughs. After the movie, we went to get a bite at Sapprano's Pizzaria. Soon after we headed to Jurong Point so shop for some stuffs. Thursday- spent the whole morning till the afternoon to complete our homework. I'm basically left with some questions for Math, Summary for English and Science which I have no idea what the homework is(: 

Today? Well, we'll be going to my auntie's house soon after at about 12am. I really miss Bazli ): He went to Terengganu a few days back and he's finally home ! Pfft.. Once I reach his house later on, I shall give that cute little baby a kiss. & Oh yea, we've got a surprise for him. Hehehe.

Well, this will be my last or my second last post- if I have the time to post tomorrow, that is- before I head to my auntie's house in Malaysia. I've been looking forward to tomorrow since last week. I'll be out to meet the dudes at 2pm & 8pm tomorrow! Ah, so looking forward! Hehe. & I shall be leaving Sunday morning. Oh finally.

xoxo !


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