Saturday, June 20, 2009

138, Aku Cun Saja(:

Hello Readers.

During the performance at Taman Warisan

w/ Shah Iskandar.

w/ the boys(:

w/ Alyph ! (:

w/ Syarif !(: (my smile tk sincere seyh.. I was kinda sleepy by then. haha)

Fakhrul w/ the boys(:

Fakhrul. Again.

At Bukit Panjang Plaza.
'SleeQ Booth'. haha

Last pic of the day(:

The reason why I always look forward to meeting the dudes is because they never fail to make my day. Being able to meet them during events, being able to show some love & support, it really puts a smile on my face. & they never fail to put up a satisfying performance, for sure(:

Especially to the people I meet there, the SleeQaholics. We totally brought up the atmosphere to another level. Not to forget, Auntie and her family(: I managed to talk to aunty at length about some stuffs.. Adil & Aisha too. They are such adorable sweethearts, I'm glad they remembered me. Haha! Such a nice and humble family. At times, they are the reason why I always look forward to go to SleeQ events; being able to meet them again(:

I intended to take pics with adorable Aisha & Adil.. But Adil said he had a game to finish. Haha ! Cute right? Well, we'll meet again, Insyallah.

I'm sure am feeling happy about yesterday, still.
One word for it 'AWESOME'.

Videos shall be posted tomorrow, aight. Love.


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