Monday, June 22, 2009

140, to tell you..

Hello Readers(:

Fathers Day wasn't greatly celebrated. We only spent time laughing and cracking jokes at home. Still, Happy Belated Father's Day to Dearest Papa. Thank you for everything. Even a thousand of words cannot tell how much I appreciate you as My Father. May Allah bless you, Pa, in everything you do & I love you(:

Yesterday, Fakhrul got home from Malaysia with Aunty. Fetched him from Aunty's house at 3.00pm and off we went to Malaysia. The road to and fro was pretty much smooth. The only thing I don't really like about going to Malaysia will be the traffic jam. I'll get pretty restless in the car and end up fidgeting, cursing most of the cars. Good thing the road was smooth yesterday. We basically went to Nenek's house there. I would really want to look forward going there again. I love Nenek & Atuk. I was touched, I nearly shed tears. Insyallah, everything will turn out fine. Amiin. We left at 6.00pm and went to a restaurant to eat. The food was kind of pathetic, I can't lie. Pfft.. Got home at 8.00pm and to Aunty's house again.

I hate myself. Initially, my purpose of using the laptop yesterday night was to email my proposal to Ms Chw. My intension to do so failed and had myself blog-hopping, surfing the net instead. I really need to get myself focus. I have yet completed my project and it is stressing me out. To be frank, I just want to do it with my group on Friday and get done with it. Period. 



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