Wednesday, June 24, 2009

141, I'm doing just fine.

Our King Of Pop, Michael Jackson died. A sad day indeed. When I first got to know it from Lif, I was actually in shock. Despite the fact that I may not be much of a big fan of MJ, the feeling of sorrow and agony could be felt. Wow, who knew he'd die so suddenly ? ... I really don't know what to say.. RIP Michael Jackson.

Well, the past few days have been spent at home. Abang, Fakhrul & I have been up to lots of stuffs actually. Eating a tub of ice cream, eating more chocolates, had McD like nobodies business.. On the other hand, I think I'm gaining weight. It really is frustrating when people say that I'm too skinny, go eat more.. And when I do, they say that I'll turn out fat. Danggg. I'll try to eat moderately still(: Anyhoo, anyone care to go for jogging session !? Haha !

Well, my PW friends are coming to my house later on at 2.00pm. I wanna get PW done and over with. I have to get all my homework done, basically just a few more questions to go, by tomorrow. Because... Sunday shall be spent watching Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen and after that we shall shop till we drop at Orchard ! Yayyyyy :D 

& before I end this post..

Happy birthday to Fatiha or better known as Chippy ! Happy 17th to you love(: May Allah bless you in everything you do and all the best in your future endeavour. Love you alright ?


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