Saturday, June 27, 2009

142, Life Goes On.

Hello Readers ! :D

Well, I have finished all my homework. K fine, except for Science. But for a good reason. Cause.. I have no fuck idea what the username for me to do it online is. The problem is that I don't know the username & I tried to use my e-learning username but it doesn't seem to work. On the other hand, most of the poppys in my class didn't do it. We're great, I know :D . So, better be prepared to see Mr Chngs's face with those big eyes getting much much bigger like fish balls ! AHAHA. Enuf. 

I've been laughing and smiling the past few days due to some stuffs. Maybe not stuffs. One of the reasons will have to be Luff'. Despite the fact that we met a week ago, I feel a sense of emptiness. Misses. Looking through Luff's pictures(yang aku lambat setapak, i know), videos.. Just made my day. Still, that wasn't enough. I went to the extend of viewing pictures at Luff's friend's profile, his cousins and family members. Haha ! & the dream I had a day ago, just made everything brighter. It makes me feel much more welcome to get to know his siblings, parents esp and aunty & uncles. Such a great family(: & at times, I always thought of being in the picture.. I shall get on with more picture & video viewing yea ? Haha.

The holidays are drawing to an endddddd ! Well, just another 2 more days to be exact ! I really am not looking forward to school. I have to be frank. Just when I got the hang of the holidays, it had to end. Big Whoop. Time flies so fast don't you think ? I just wish there's an extension to the holidays. Hehe. Still, I am looking forward to tomorrow. TRANSFORMERS :D ! 

Before that, I miss Anisa ! Yr mummy told me that you're at Australia for a school learning thingy. Which answers the question to why I haven't been seeing you. Aunty didn't tell me exactly when you'll be back but you should be back soon or maybe now cause the school hols are ending. I really hope you're doing fine & I hope to see you, aunty & uncle & yr siblings soon. Lovelove.

xoxo !


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