Monday, June 29, 2009

143, You deserve better.

I am really upset right now. I'm even tearing up...

Kak, it really is sad & it really is harder for you, i know. You deserve so much better Kak. So, so much better. I never knew they would do such a thing.. It really was painful to read the msg you sent me. I had to read it over and over again, thinking that what you said was not real at all. Without you updating me and others about stuffs, who would. And now, who would do that ? You're like an elder sister who I never had before. Despite I only know you for a few months now, you're one of those who I really look up to. Strong & Independent....

I wouldn't want to elaborate further. It just hurts.
Kak, I'd really hope to talk/ meet with you soon.
I love you.

Hero-Mariah carey.
After all that you've done for them.. You're a Hero kak.
You know you're strong.


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