Wednesday, July 1, 2009

145, Heaven

Damn you. 
You're such a bitch. I hate you, even the littlest things about you. You think you're all that, but you're not. You think you're, getting 'fame'.. But trust me, you aren't. You're just a big fuck lifeless bimbo. You forget how you actually got to fit in.. Now that you have, you forgot us and you've shown your true colours. Since I knew you this year, I cannot lie but I have to say that you've changed. Sadly, not for the better. You just turned yourself into a self-less bimbo who doesn't give a damn about people around you. You're pretty much insecure about people's feelings and don't start acting nice, no more cause it doesn't work. We know you.

I hate it. I hate it when people start showing such attitude. I despise such people. And I hate it more when I actually have to express it all here. Makes me think about what a sinner I am, cursing and expressing all my anger to you readers about this self-less bitch. I only wished everyone has a nice disposition, no one with such attitude problems.. Wouldn't that be like Heaven ? If everyone was nice, I wouldn't be such a sinner myself. Only if I didn't know that bitch in the first place, I wouldn't be creating another sin. Next time.. Keep quiet, don't know, don't want to know and don't care. 

Screw that bitch & her friend to hell.

On the other hand, I got myself another pair of Nike Sneakers yesterday. & I'm gonna get myself another pair of sneaker next month ! Yezzarr..


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