Friday, July 3, 2009

147, Stomach-aches.

For all SleeQ fans :

What: Pop Trivia Ria segment. (Tune into Ria 89.7fm)
When: 4th June, Saturday. ( Tomorrow !!)
Time: *(To be confirmed)

What: Beats & Breaks 2 @ The Esplanade Outdoor Theater.
When: 5th June, Sunday.
Time: 7.30pm 

Just in case ya have yet taken note of.. Do tune into ria's Pop Trivia Ria segment tomorrow. I'm unsure of what time u should tune into it but I'll update all of you when I've received anything from Syarif. Anyone who knows, tag my tagboard ! & do come down to The Esplanade Outdoor Theater to support our locals ! Sleeq will be there alongside with other local talents like Richard J, Lefttool... Do drop by if you've got the time !! A lil promo. :D

On the other hand...
Monday= Youth Day= No school :D

Who is dreaded by that ?! If you are, you've got a massive problem to solve. Hehe. The first week of school re-open has been pretty much mundane. Everything is still the same. Still, I do like the fact that there's no CCA. To be frank, I really wasn't looking forward to school. Can't do anything about that now(:

& a tag reply to Syarif:
It really is not a problem dude ! As said, I'll help out as much as I can for the meanwhile. & I will drop by on Sunday if I can, alright. Love you too Rif (:



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