Sunday, July 5, 2009

150, Camera's bailing on me.

Supp Readers ! (:

I managed to attend Beats & Breaks 2 yesterday. Despite the fact that it was raining cats & dogs, it was fun, no doubt ! Family & I decided to get late lunch at 3.00pm. We walked around and left for Marina Barrage. As soon as we reached there, it was raining excessively. Pa bought me a jacket (Thanks Pa !) and I got to meet Sabrina there, a primary school friend of mine(: I miss her mayne! 

We then left at about 7.00pm. Reached Esplanade Outdoor Theater soon after and I met Mai. It was really nice meeting her. & not to forget, Kak Nana. Huhu. Managed to meet & get to know other SleeQ fans too. Before the dudes left for the stage, us fans decided to talk to them first. SleeQ sang 'Just the two of us' & 'Whatever You Like' alongside with Lefttool. Supreme One was awesome ! One of his songs-which I can't remember the title-was really soulful, i felt him for once. No doubt, the others were just as awesome. I really did miss attending Local Hip Hop gigs. Ahh, finally(:

The crowd was a lil' weak maybe cause of the weather or just symptoms of the lost of MJ. Still, it was such a great event ! After event, we talked.. joked.. & not to forget, took pictures with the dudes before they left. Lyph really was talking a lot that day. Haha ! & Rif happened to leave sooner. That, i didn't realize. 

Yesterday really made my day. Knowing that I was able to meet the SleeQ fans. & some people whom I have long awaited to meet- Farishah Love(: . Yeaa, I met Farishah after like 2 long years. Looking forward to meet ya again hun ! On the other hand, I didn't manage to meet some people who I were looking forward to meet.. Chippy, Kae & Scriptz ! Still, all good(:

My camera is giving me problems & it seems to be bailing on me today. Therefore, I'm not able to post the pictures & videos taken. Once I've finally solved the problem with that camera of mine, I'll have them uploaded. For now..

"I said you can have whatever you like.. yeaa.."

xoxo !


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