Friday, July 10, 2009

153, Just fine(:

Hey Readers ! :D

Forget about my previous post, I've deleted anyway. Thank you to those who were concern. It really puts a smile on my face to know that people care. I'm doing just fine, trust me(:

School has been the same for the past few days except for today, that is. Due to H1N1, all of us need not attend CCA. Since I'm under publication, I had to stay back with some others to design/decorate the board. We first did some research on some stuffs and had ourselves doing Art. -Zomgg. Despite the fact that we were suppose to shift the whole thing to another board, we didn't do so. Who'd do that after you've done so much & someone comes & tells you that it's suppose to be on another board instead. Wth?! While working with the board, I managed to witness best friend being scolded. K, maybe I was laughing at some parts but I didn't really mean it. I care about what you're doing & please, don't do it again. You've told me that you want to change for the better right ? (:

On the other hand, I've got to write the script for the drama acting for my class. I don't really mind but I think that it is kind off pathetic that we only have a period to complete all of the script writing on Monday. That's happening obviously due to the lack of time. && other script writers & I get to direct the scene ! Cool or what ? Haha ! My weekend will probably be spent finishing all my homework which is definitely piling. Still, I'm having thoughts of attending tomorrow's event. See ya SleeQ fans there if I'm attending ! & my camera is still being a bitch. HELPPPPPPP ! D:

Before I end...
Voting for APM have started. Voting will take effect from 10th July to 18th July.
Support our boys, SleeQ ! You can do so by voting for them on Anugerah Planet Music Award for Artist Singapura Paling Popular(Singapore's Most Popular Artist) by texting in the format...

APM(space)SG9 and send it to 77877 !

We've done it before for 2 years in a row and we can do it again this year. 
Lets get our fingers busy people ! Start voting NOWW !

HugsandKisses !


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