Saturday, July 11, 2009

155, Fun & Laughters.

Today- 11th June.

My morning was spent having breakfast at KFC followed by helping Mama out by buying necessities. I had to buy another XD card cause the previous one couldn't be read. The bad thing about that is that I still have Beats & Breaks 2 pictures in it. ): I left my house at 2.10pm and bussed to Chua Chu Kang mrt station. From there, I trained to Ang Mo Kia mrt station to meet Kak Nana & Mai.

As soon I reached there, I met Mai & soon after we met Kak Nana. We made our way to Tanjong Katong Complex by taking a taxi. We actually talked about a lot of stuff in the taxi. We laughed so hard but at least the taxi driver didn't say anything. Hehe. Thank you to Kak Nana for paying the taxi fare, anyway! Since we were minutes early, we decided to kill time. We basically walked about the mall. After that, we met Nurul & Syafieka there ! Finally Nurul was able to drop by, i missed her so much. & I finally got take a picture with Fieka. & oh yea, I met Dynna too :D !

The boys came soon after & we started doing the usual stuffs.. Take pictures, talk, joke, laugh.. Y'knoww. The boys hit the stage soon after & Grr.. Embarrassing. Haha. They performed 'Moviestar', 'Cun Saja' followed by 'Sembunyi'. Rif sang Sembunyi with such emotions. Huhu. On the other hand, I managed to meet Auntie & family too. It has been so long since I met Anisa! This time, we managed to take a pic(: After their performance, we, again, took more pictures & did more talking. Decided to get ourselves drinks & bought one for both the boys too. We talked about so many stuffs. Syarif browsed a magazine & started with his merepek-ness & Alyph was just disturbing him. Haha. Hilarious man ! 

Again, they went on stage for a photograph session. Us fans were at the back & I managed to take a pic with Adil ! He sat on my lap & started being cheeky. Haha. After two pictures with him, he laid down on my lap & said 'Adil penat lah'. Is that just cute or what ? The boys left at about 6pm and by that time, only Kak Nana, Mai, Fieka & I were there. We decided to get a bite at the Waffle Factory at Singapore Post. Again, we did more talking. After eating, we went to This Fashion. 

Kak Nana, Mai & I were laughing like maniacs, cracking jokes & the 'Syarif.. syarif..' thing was just hilarious ! We laughed so hard & loud, as if the whole place was ours. Our purpose of going there was to find Kak Nana a dress but didn't turn out that way, i guess. Haha. We spent such a long time there & by the time we left, it was already 8pm. We trained our way home but Kak Nana & Mai left first as they had to change trains. & I got home by 9.30pm. & my legs are killing me. D:

I've uploaded the pictures & the video of Sembunyi in my facebook.
Check it out if you want to. Before I end...

APM(space)SG9 to 77877 

Type in this format to vote SleeQ for Singapore's Most Popular Artist in APM !
Get your fingers busy people:D



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