Sunday, July 12, 2009

156, Rainbows.

Myself w/ Adil Abdullah ! :D

I'm still exhausted despite the 2 days have passed. I didn't have the energy to talk as much during school today. Maybe we just had too much fun the other day. Still, there's no harm in having too much fun right ? Hehe. I hate week one's Monday because of the number of books I have to bring. It really is ridiculous cause' I have all my Humanities subs with Eng, Math & Sci today. Imagine how hefty my bag is. Grr.. School was alright. I'll be acting as the 'Expert' for CLAP and there is so much I have to memories. & I have to do it by tomorrow or Wednesday. - die D: . I'll start memorising my script & get down with homework soon.

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming events. The upcoming one will be at Badoque on 21st July, 8pm. I really want to go so that I can meet the boys & SleeQ fans again ! But, it really is far from my house. ): Still, I'll try to find a way to be there. SleeQ's ClassiQ Album Launch will be on the August 2nd. YAY ! I'll be there for sure. & another event will be Rentak S'pura on the 8th of August! Yes, I'll be there too ! Thank you to Kak Nana for the tix. On the other hand, we have so much to do before Rentak Singapura *winkwink. Hugs to those when we meet during any of these events yea :D

Alrighty, xo !


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