Wednesday, July 15, 2009

157, Cupcakes

First and foremost..

Happy Birthday to Syahirah !

A girlfriend of mines turns a year older today(: We've done so much as friends though we only got to know each other this year. All the best in your future endeavour. I'm looking forward to yr b'day party syggg ! :D Still, sorry for sabo-ing you today. Somehow.. I felt that it wasn't enuf.. ;P (Sry tk post gmbr kiteorg.. Kaw blom send kt akuu )

School has been okay. I'm glad to say that we're done with CLAP. Today's recording might not be a good one but I really didn't want to shoot everything again. The only thing I had in mind was to get this thing done & over with. & it is(: 

I'm so looking forward to the 21st.. I've yet confirmed on whether I could attend or not because it's really far. Simpang Bedok & Bukit Panjang0.o ? Sighs. I'll ask Pa about it & pray hard he'll say yes. Though, there is only a slim chance cause it's on a school night and I'm not sure what time the event ends. Still, I really would want to meet the boys & the friends & maybe some news fans there.. 



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