Friday, July 17, 2009

158, Chocolate Brownies

Hey Readers ! :D

School was nothing much today except for the part that we had to run our 2.4km again. We were just told do so, cause' they'll compare it to our previous one. I was having leg cramps and it really made it hard for me to run. On the other hand, i didn't want to run again. Therefore, Nabilah, Irah & I walked our way there. My previous run is definitely better, a nice timing of 12mins(:

I headed to Kak Ogy's house after school cause' I was going to have Drama an hour later. It has been so long since I met my dearest nephew, Bazli ! :D He's such an adorable sweetheart. Drama was a lil different today cause we auditioned for our very own school Musical- Boys. Flowers. Hairspray. From the title, it's pretty obvious that the Musical is going to be a mixture of Boys Over Flowers & Hairspray. I auditioned for one out of the 3 girls, Sunny. The role is really fun cause' I don't really have to be so serious & I get to bitch. HAHA! Callbacks will be on Tuesday, so, wish me luck ! (:

Well, the boys left for Jakarta today at 4pm. I intended to send them off, since I had Drama, I didn't get to do so. ): It's okay.. I was multi-tasking yesterday, with 3 phones, voting for the dudes for APM. How many votes you ask ? I voted for them 20 over times. Haha. Apparently, I'm not crazy. The boys really put in a lot of hard work to bring themselves this far & they really deserve this. AGAIN, for the 3rd time in a row. & if you think our very own dudes, SleeQ, deserve this too, get your fingures busy by typing in this format...

APM(space) SG9 to 77877 !

I hope the boys are doing fine there(:

HugsandKisses !


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