Saturday, July 18, 2009

160, Good or Bad..

Hey Readers !

The boys who will always be the most popular artist to us (:

Was wathcing APM yesterday night with butterflies in my stomach. I prayed so hard our very own boys would get it again this year. Sadly, they didn't. It was a kinda tough call because only one would get Artist Singapura Paling Popular unlike the last 2 years whereby 3 would get it. Although the boys didn't get it this year, I'm still very proud of them ! Being able to bring themselves very far, that is definitely something to be proud of. & having Impianku as Lagu S'pura Paling Popular is something really to be proud of too ! Kudos to Alyph for that song :D

Whatever happens, good or bad.. happy or sad.. Us fans will still be by their side.
SleeQ all the way:D

On the other hand, I'm having fever. Gotta attend 2 weddings today & I'm still unsure on whether I should go. & so very sorry to Syahirah for not being able to attend your birthday party today. Fever, go away soon ):


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