Monday, July 20, 2009

161, High on Fever -.-

Hey Readers :D

Attended 2 wedding yesterday despite the fact that I was not in a good condition. We went to Kak Dahlinar's, my cousin's wedding after the first one. It was quite grand because it was held in a CC. My Aunty & Uncles alongside with my other cousins had left by that time. Family & I stayed until the ceremony ended. After the wedding, we went to Nenek Peah's house. (:

I didn't attend school today because of this fever & cough of mine. Stayed at home and went to the docs with Mama at about 2.30pm. I feel as if I'm having a buffet; having to eat so many pills. I got an MC for tomorrow too ): & somehow, I'm not happy about it. It's because I have my callbacks tomorrow & I really don't want to miss it. I want to act for Spectrum & I don't want to miss my chance. Oh, All The Best to Salihan for GSS Idol tmrw ! You have my support (:

This fever & cough is also resulting to the reason why I cannot attend Badoque tomorrow. ); I miss the boys, Sleeq- Alyph & Syarif. Whtever it is, I'm so looking forward to 2nd August ! Yezzar! :D It's another date with my girls!! Wohooo :D On the other hand, thank you to those for your very kind words, trying to make me feel better though I'm sick.. Ya peps really made me smile.. You guys know who you are *winkwink. Gahh, I appreciate all of u so much ! :D

To Kak Nana, Aryna, Dynna, Mai, Mimi, Fieka, Nurul, Zoey.. (Just to name some)
We HAVE to meet on the 2nd okay :D
I Love Every Single One Of You Sngt Sngt ! (:


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