Monday, July 20, 2009

162, Sickening

Hello Readers(:

Myself with Syarif ! :D
Wait, was it suppose to be funny faces? ;P

Since I got 2 days of MC, another day at home that is. I've been listening to ClassiQ, maybe it could help me keep away the blues. Apparently, I've got nothing to do. I can't be staring at the laptop, doing nothing productive & I can't just eat, sleep and watch the television. I'd die of boredom by then. -Zomg.

The boys will be at Badoque today. I'm bragging about this again, I know. The reason is simply because I want to be there. Yet, I know that I have to be at home. Initially, if I was able to go, I'd meet MimiSyg at Tanah Merah Mrt Stn and from there we'll cab. But again, like what Alyph told me, It's Okay=D Next timee. Haha. Hope Kak Nana, Dynna & Mimi will have fun later on yea. & hopes Kak Nana remembers what I told her. Hehehe:P

Maybe I shall get myself busy with some school work or revision & come back to blogging when I get bored again.


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