Wednesday, July 22, 2009

163, Not Enuf ?

I was elated to be able to attend school today. I no longer have a fever but I'm coughing, still. I was hoping for a nice school Wednesday with my friends, until it all turned upside down. & who may you ask caused this ? Again, that bitch. I've written about her before & I really didn't wish to do so again, but at this point of time.. What you've done, I really cannot stand you.

Haven't you got enough of bitching people ? Yes, you care for your friends and I care for mine too. It is really unreasonable of you for just bombarding such questions and start accusing my friend. Frankly, I don't like your attitude. Neither do I like you. & I really hate the fact that I am writing about you here. I seriously didn't like what you did to my friend. Cause' if you spoil his mood, you happen to spoil mine too. Fuck. Screw those bitches to hell....

I despise people who totally have no control of there attitude. Don't you think it's just rude ? This is what you call, people who have no feeling for others;people who are obviously insecure. Enough about those bitches.

Well, I've decided to cut some of my time from the laptop. To look back, there is actually not much time left to study for CT2. You might say that I sound like a geek right now. But I have my priorities straight. I will have to have self-control, i guess. It is a matter of time to realize. & I totally don't want to drop any of my subjects, or else... ;P

& to ShafiQ, hope you'll get a speedy recovery alright ! :D

Take Care.
xo !


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