Saturday, July 25, 2009

164, Self-Control

My Saturday was spent at home. I intended to meet the boys alongside with Mai too at Katong Complex today but I knew that my day with Shafiq & Fahmiie will be long. So, I decided not to go.. But hey, we girlfriends are gonna have a date next week & the week after right !? So looking forward to the 2nd & 8th:D *winkwink

It was pretty surprising that I actually cleared all the mess in the house today morning. I even vacuumed the house. My first time ! K fine, I know. Shaddup you. Fiiqo & Fahmiie came at 12pm.. As usual, they gave me a 'guitar lesson'. But there was less of it today because we went on using my laptop next. Grr.. Nvm, at least I learned some new stuffs today. But the next time must be more serious okay. *chingkwingkwing

Fahmiie left earlier cause he had rugby. As for Fiiqo, he stayed at my house as if it was his too;P Bagos lah tu ! Aku nye ear piece kau jage baek2, klaw tk.. Tangan kaw lagy satu aku pthkn! K, dah.

On the other hand, I have self-control ! Haha. As you can see, I've been cutting down my time on blogging. More productive stuffs to do. Kudos my myself (: Okay Best !

Rambot FiiQo blh jady rumput ! :D


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