Monday, July 27, 2009

165, I miss those times..

Yes, I miss those times oh so much... We spent every afternoon, night until midnight together. Such happy moments shared. At times, I wished there were no obstacles between all that we went through. I feel in love with the moments that I found it hard to let go. Frankly, I haven't let them go. I try to convince myself, tell myself that everything is alright.. I'm doing just fine without you. But every time I say that, I lie to myself over and over again.

Can I just move on & don't let go ? Can I do that ? Truthfully, it hurts no more, really.. Just that, I want everything to fall back to place. I'm not asking for much, just that. But things happen for a reason and I'll try to move on.. though something is holding me back.

Don't you think, what we had was great ?
Don't you think that all we had to do was move it a lil further?
Well, I still keep to my promise & I hope you still keep to yours..



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