Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hey Readers! (:

Have been fasting for 2 days now, no biggie. Will fast until Thursday, I want to pay back as soon as possible actually. School was pretty usual for the past few days and I realize that I get pretty restless and worn out easily. I wonder why.. Lack of sleep ? I even slept during lessons for the whole period without realizing. Gosh, I know ! heh.

My mood went to another level when I got to know that I will be acting for the Musical ! Whoop! It got even better to know that I got the role I wanted.. Well, i was actually being told to take the role of Ginger later. But seriously, I'm really gratified to know that I'll be acting.
So.. "Hi, I'm your actress- I'm Ginger(:" Haha :D

Oh the other hand, I miss best friend.
Where have you gone to ):



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