Wednesday, July 29, 2009

167, Let it be..

School was an ass today. I hate today. My mood spoiled even further during Math, I have no fxcking idea what Ms. Jna was talking about. Even half of the class agreed with me on that. Truthfully, I just wanted to raise my hand & tell her that I don't like the way she teaches. In Math, you need explanation and you don't just go on blabbering about the formula & all. Shit.

& a lot of people happen to spoil my mood today too. Thank you. I've been so stressed up about a lot of stuffs and today went no where near help. Instead, today just got me frustrated. Trust me, it wasn't only about Math. I've been thinking a lot lately, sheesh ! Don't ask me why, I'm not in a good mood. At all.

Sometimes, you just need to break down & cry...


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