Thursday, July 30, 2009

168, Kudos !

Hey Pepos ! :D

Today was fun, no doubt. Lets skip the part during school and a few hours after school when Nabilah & I stressed ourselves cause we had to stay back to 'decorate' the English board told by Ms Chw since we were late for English. HAH. Whatever it is, we had fun stressing ourselves! Basically, it was fun actually. So funnaye of us(:

At 3.00pm, we had to go for a Math test and we did.. Leaving the work undone(who cares, we're gonna come back tmrw anyway). 3.45pm, after the test ended, Nabilah & I ran our way to the school hall cause we didn't wanna miss Arts Fiesta. This time, Dance & Band. We were there with some others to support 'Killer 5' cause our lovely girls took part in the dance challenge.

Whatever it is, I still love you girls:D You girls might not have conquered the title this year, but I'm sure the competition have made you girls stronger. Furthermore, I'm sure it is a learning experience for you girls too(: You can still look forward to next year & no doubt, I'll be there to support you again. & to my girlf sayang SYAZA ! *Smiles okay ! WE LOVE YOUU ! :D

So, we ended our day on a light note. Smiles and all. So good to see them smiling. I had to go to Kak Ogy's house cause' Abang was at KKH because of his deliberately high temperature. Docs said that he might have H1N1 but good thing he doesn't. After he took his medication, there was quite a drastic change in his temperature from 40.4 to 37(something2) lol. & he need not attend sch for a week ! Jeez.

I was multi-tasking just now.. I was chatting with 4 people & msging 2 of my best friends at the same time just now ! Goshh, I know ! & Aisha Abdullah is so sweet. I cannot wait to meet u on the 2nd && I love you too darl ! So many things I've been missing out on. Well, on the other hand, I'll be getting a new phone soon ! I've been so fickle-minded about what phone to buy & I've finally made up my mind. Therefore, don't talk to me about phones & don't even try to psycho me on getting whatever phone. I'm sticking to my choice. Period.

I love all of you. K fine, random;P.
Hugs&Kisses !


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