Friday, July 17, 2009

Prays Hard.

Heyy Readers ! :D

All the best to this dude up here & Rif for APM today! (:

I just finished making a layout for Drama's blog. The last time it was updated was in March. The blog is so dead man ! So, I 'm here to make it alive(: Hehe. I've added a Cbox, so you Drama members can start tagging. Here's the blog. Start tagging if you members have not done so.

Today will be spent at home because Pa is working and Mama has her school's 50th Anniversary to attend. Still, tomorrow will be packed. We have 2 weddings to attend. One of them will be my Aunty's cousin from the other side, basically my distant relative's wedding and the other one will be my cousin, Kak Dalina's wedding. *smiles wide cause I get to meet my cousins ! Woopeyh:D

I heard about the bombing in Jakarta and it freaked me out for once. Those involve in APM and especially the dudes are there. But, I was relieve after Lyph twittered that they were all alright. On the other hand, Anugerah Planet Muzik will be on Suria today at 9pm. So, go catch it ! Myself & I'm sure the other fans are looking forward to the results. I'm praying hard that they'll get it this year too. InsyaAllah, they will(: I wonder when they'll be back cause I can't the boys during Badoque ):

xo !


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