Saturday, August 1, 2009

169, Oh finally !

Morning Morning Readers ! :D

Finally ! The long awaited day is finally here ! I've been counting down the days, being so impatient hoping 2nd August would come real fast & it's today ! :D The first thing that was on my mind when I woke up today was 'ClassiQ Album Launch'. I miss the boys so much, I miss the lovely SleeQ fans & the girls so much. I was saddened to have missed 2 events but the day is finally here.

I've made plans with most to meet them there & some other of my friends may not know them, but hey, it's time that we get to know each other better & unite as a fan club ! This way, the bond within all the fans will tighten.

Kak Nana, Aryna, Mimi, Mai, Zoey, Aiishah, Dynna, The Triplets- Nursya, Syahimah & Syahirah, Aunty Maria & Family, Aunty Salimah & Family.. See all of you there later on ! These are the people whom I've been looking forward to meeting & miss(: To those missed out *smiles. & of course the boys, Alyph & Syarif :D

I have a feeling that today's gonna turn out awesome*winkwink


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