Wednesday, August 5, 2009

170, Sleepy-.-

Hey Readers(: !

Pardon me for abandoning my blog for the past few days. I've been totally caught up with school and school work. Furthermore, Common Test 2 is in 2 weeks time. I gotta get focus and start revising. I'm blogging right now because I don't want this blog of mine to turn out dead & sincere apologies to my daily readers. Do keep dropping by and tag alright(: My daily readers are mainly the reason why I try my best to update my blog frequently.

A successful and awesome event that was held on 2nd August was definitely something to remember- Sleeq Classiq Album Launch. My 2nd August was such an awesome day spent with such awesome people. I got to meet the lovely girls once again and spend such good time together with them. Kudos to the boys- Sleeq, Alyph & Syarif ! The much anticipated day finally came & it was a success(: You dudes are awesome & keep producing good music, we fans will be by your side, supporting Sleeq all the way. Love

Today, I managed to spend my day with two of my lovelies as well. After school, I got home for a while and made my way to meet Aryna & Kak Nana. I absolutely love spending my time with this two girls of mine. They never fail to make me smile & they never fail to make my day. We had a catch up session with each other because both of them are not able to attend Rentak Singapura. Had very late lunch together, talked about lots of stuffs, browsed from shop to shop.... We're gonna have another quick catch up session with each other on Saturday before I head for Rentak Singapura. Hopefully this time with Khalil & Khalis. The more the merrier(:


Kak Nana♥

Khalil♥ & Khalis♥

Hoping to meet you 4 on Saturday to have a quick catch up session.

On the other hand, I've uploaded the pictures taken on 2nd August at my facebook. Go ahead, check them out. If you happen to see your face, I don't mind you grabbing it. But if you don't, don't start stealing my pictures. Do ask for my permission before you grab them, if not, do credit me(:



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