Friday, August 7, 2009

171, Morning.

Hello Readers :D !

Did I mention that I woke up so damn early today despite the fact that I'll be home so damn late today ? Alright, never mind about that. For today, I'll be spending my time with the girls again. I'm sure today's event, Rentak Singapura, will be another joyous event. A pity that Kak Nana, Dynna & Aryna will not be able to join us today...

On the other hand, I was thinking of gathering all Sleeqfans together so that we can sit as a fanclub. I've told some to message me when they're there & to those sleeqfans who don't have my no. but you're coming, do tag my tagboard & state yr hp no(: I'll be there around 6pm, so just look out for me yea. Holla me if you see me alright. I'm sure the boys will love to see their fans sitting together. *winkwink

"Silent kills. I'm only silent when it is called for."


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