Saturday, August 8, 2009

172, Fireworks !

Hey Readers ! :D

Yesterday, 8th August- Rentak Singapura 09, was definitely a joyous event spent with lovely people. The boys were awesome on stage & the vibe there was great because of us people. Haha. Didifiers & Sleeqfans sat together & we were literally screaming. Not only were we screaming for Sleeq & Didi Cazli but for other artists too. I was elated to have seen Nana on stage LIVE, I totally love her powerful voice ! Hady & Taufik were great too, same goes for the other artists there. I'm sure the whole clan enjoyed themselves, the event was worth it(:

I wish I could post about everything that happened yesterday but I'll just let the pictures do the talking yea. I've uploaded the pictures & videos in my facebook, therefore, go check them out there. & now, I think I'm losing my voice due to a lot of screaming yesterday. Huhu.

I totally had fun with Mai, Wawa, Aiishah, Aishah, Syarinah, Syariyah, Syafieka & Didifiers. && it was definitely great to have met the tripletz too ! Hehe. Oh wait, not forgetting Alyph & Syarif. Tehee. Love all of yo

xo !


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