Sunday, August 9, 2009

173, Happy 44th.

Oh, I forgot to post about Singapore turning 44 today !

So there I go..

Happy 44th B'day Singapore ! :D

Don't you think Singapore is just a great country to be in. Singapore is definitely a "multi-everything" country. We are multi-racial, multi-religious and all... I'm definitely proud to be a Singaporean(:

♥ Singapore !

I'd wanna go on but I'm busy watching the National Day Parade on Channel 5. Hehe.
Hope ya'll are enjoying celebrating National Day in whichever way you are & have a great day ahead !

On the other hand, I'll be anticipating new sneakers soon. I know, I bought a yellow Nike last month.. Lets just say I'm a sneakerholic alright. Maybe I've had enough of Nike, too many Nikes at home:$. Huhu. It's time for Vans now:D & a new phone too !


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