Sunday, August 16, 2009

176, Exams.

I'll make this a quick post. I don't really have the mood to post anyway.

Yesterday was spent with such lovely people yet again. I managed to catch up with Dynna & Nurul further more because the last time we met was on 11th July :S. Most of the girls were there to support our very own boys who never fail to put up an awesome performance. I definitely felt elated to have met the whole clan again, cause they never fail to make me smile either.

On the other hand, I managed to get to know some other fans. Definitely glad to have met them. Do holla if you happen to see me again sometime yea(:

& now, I gotta focus on my Common Test which is 2 days from now. Wish me all the best.

I shall find the time to blog when I have time to kill. For now, do keep the tags coming.
-Love all of you. xo


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