Sunday, August 30, 2009

180, Laughters.

Hey Readers (:

Jom kite ketawe! *tepok tngn* Ahahaha !

It has been quite sometime since i had a very long, proper post. Therefore, I shall do it today(:

Woke up, bath bath bath and left the house a lil late today. I'd usually take the train with Syaza but since I just got out of the house when she was at Phoenix, I had to miss the train. So, we met at Bangkit. & Syaza had a hair trimmed & cut :D Ehh, not like Ah Lian okay ?

Reached school, got changed into our PE attire and got up to the hall with Nadzirah, Putri & Dilla. As usual, we would start crapping. The funny thing is that, we never get bored of doing so. It has become a some what 'habit' for us to get up to the hall together and start blabbering and laughing like there's no tomorrow. & so, we started our ACES dance. To be frank, not everyone was supportive(including me that is). Ehemm.. So, the 'semangat' people like Nabilah danced-.-

Had our first two lessons. First period was PE, so no biggy. While waiting for Mr. JT, I talked to someone who I cannot lie, but is definitely dear to me. We only had a short talk but it meant something to me as we haven't been talking nor have we been hearing about each other lately. Maybe, it was just a quick catch up session for us. Sighs.. As usual, Nabilah and I would start gossiping about 'some' people. Irah was there to join us to..
You know, I know, she doesn't know:P

Second period was English but we did nothing much really. We just did some reflections and we were given back our History Paper. I'm proud to say that I got another A :D Therefore, another A stated on my record book. Well done Fana ! Hehe. The fun thing was, we had an hour of recess. I loved this part~ I'm sure my girls know why.. HAHAHAHAHA. Won't elaborate on that.

Teachers' Day Celebration on the other hand was quite well done, i must say. I was fully entertained by the event lined up. And the skit put up was hilarious ! I was laughing hysterically for almost everything. Hehe. Call me crazy, or whatever, i don't care. But I'm pretty aware that I had a blast today. With all the funnaye stuffs and hard laughters. And from my post, you can see that I laughed a lot today. The reason why the title of my post is "Laughters". He-he.

Even now, I'm still smiling upon today.
Ahh, my Monday was awesome :D
How about yours ? (:

Till then Readers !


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