Friday, September 4, 2009

181, Birthday Wish #1

Hey Readers !

Pardon me for abandoning my blog for the past few days. School has been pretty much hectic with CCA's, school work and so much other stuffs. Hope you Readers understand. In this month of September, compared to other month's, most of the people I know turn a year older this September! 20 people, goshhh. Huhu. Here I go...

The two brother's of mine here, Firdaus, my older brother and Fakhrul, my younger brother turned a year older on 1st September and 2nd September respectively.
Therefore, Happy Birthday to My Abang & My Adik ! :D
We may have our rough times together but I hope that making you two siblings of mine older, makes both of you wiser and much more open to situations. The family has always been my backbone and I'm both of you know, that you both are precious and important to me.
I Love You Both(:

On the 3rd of September, a wonderful babe of mine, Nabilah turned a year older too. We've only known each other for as long as 8 months now but our friendship have grew stronger by the day. I hope that though you've turned a year older, our friendship will be tighter too. What happened a day before your birthday was definitely unpleasant but I hope that each time you grow a year older, you become much stronger too(: All the best in you future endeavours &
I Love You(:
Happy Birthday Nabilah !

On 4th September, a cyber friend on mine who goes by Nadia.. Or better known as Nadiasweets for me(-.-") turned a year older too. Same goes for you, hope you'll become a much more wiser and stronger person. Hope you had a great time on your birthday and pardon me for only wishing this to you now and not on your birthday. I was just too caught up with school yesterday that I didn't have time to touch my lappy and wish you a happy birthday. Therefore, let me do it now.
Happy Birthday Nadia !

On the other hand, my dearest nephew(picture above), Bazli will be celebrating his birthday today with us ! He will be turning 2 on the 8th of Sept though. So looking forward to meet this awesome-ness baby later on during Buka :D Ma, Fakhrul & I are gonna make our way to Causeway Point later on to buy this adorable baby his birthday present. Lovelovelovelove.

Alrighty, I'm gonna meet the dudes, Lyph & Rif later on too ! :D
Oh, how much I miss both of these dudes !
& I miss you Sleeqers too ): I'll txt you people soonest alright.
To those who'll be droppin' by to show your Love & Support too, see you there !

xo Fana.


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