Saturday, September 5, 2009

182, Meet Up.

You're my Wonderwoman too(:

My Saturday was great and it was spent with such awesome people. I met Aryna at about 4pm and we went around Causeway Point in search for Bazli a b'day present. In the end, Ma bought him a truck anyway-.- What I really like about being able to meet dearest Aryna is that I get to share most of my thoughts to her. It's really fun when you have someone who thinks in the same perspective as you do(:

The dudes, Alyph & Syarif, never fails to put up an awesome performance. The host was suckish, I'm sorry but he really was. He tries to make everything sound hilarious and it just turns out lame and irritating. Sheesh ! At least the boys played along with that host and it became so damn hilarious. Lyph and Rif are life savers. Ha ha:P

Stayed awhile more to chit chat with the boys and as usual, take pictures. It has somehow become a 'routine/habit' when we meet. Left at around 6+ and Aryna & I parted. Met Ma & Fakhrul who had bought the birthday present and cabbed our way to Mak House to celebrated Bazli's advance birthday.

Definitely had a wonderful time !
So.. you know, i know, we know when our next meet up is right ? Hehehe.



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