Saturday, September 12, 2009

183, MIA.

Firstly, I would like to dedicate this to Mr. Alyph, Mr. Syarif and my dearest Sleeqer girls. I miss all of you and I'm looking forward to meeting you all, on 'you know when'. There have been glitches here and day so lets all oray hard that everything will go as planned and smoothly. Looking forward to meet Kak Nana, Dynna, Aryna, Nurul, Mai, Wawa, Mira, Aai, Irah, Imah, Nursya, Azura and to those I missed out *smiles, soon ! Love to all !

Hello Readers ! (:

I know~ You might be asking why I've been MIA. This blog of mine has been abandoned for a week already. Great Fana, great. My September holidays has been spent with a lot of stuffs. I've had my Drama rehearsals for our very own Musical every Mon, Wed and Fri. Rehearsal has been extensive and by the time I get home, I only have time to rest and maybe chat with lovelies.

My Tuesday was spent completing my school work and conferencing with the Awesomes. You girls know who you are ! Hehe. My Thursday was spent doing my school work again and I met Kak Nana to settle some stuffs. She dropped by my crib and we definitely had a hullalulla time ! Conferencing with the girls again were damn hilarious and I ended up rolling on the floor ROLF. Seriously, ask Kak Nana if you don't trust me :P

Today was spent at Esplanade Theater watching JUMP! It is a Silent Comedy and trust me it was super duper luper muper hilarious. Its a comedy, DUHH-.-. I sat with Iman, Jannah and Venessa. Iman and I were laughing all out, okay maybe me. Haha. But seriously, it was the best theater I've watched so far. Go get yourself tickets for JUMP! definitely wouldn't wanna miss it, I can assure you.

I thought of meeting the Lyph and Rif at Youth Park today but didn't get the chance to do so.. But lets not fret cause I'm sure we're gonna meet soon :P

"Lets have a meet up some day and camwhore together. I'd love to have a catch up with all us awesomes. Ahh, I love you all- Love"

xo, Fana.


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