Tuesday, September 15, 2009

185, Birthday Wish #2

I don't really have the mood to post now but I shall just do it..
This goes out to the recent Sept babies who've I yet wished..

8th September- Bazli, my adorable little nephew turned a year older !
9th September- Kim Chuan, a funny and blur classmate of mine turned a year older !
10th September- Hakim, a companion, turned a year older !
12th September- Shakilah, a primary sch friend of mine, turned a year older !
15th September- Esaias, a classmate of mine turned a year older !

See, I told you a lot of people whom I know turn a year older in September -.-
Happy Birthday to Bazli, Kim Chuan, Hakim, Shakilah and Esaias !



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