Wednesday, September 16, 2009

186, HugsMissesKisses.

This post is specially for 2 special people in my life.


Happy 43rd Birthday Papa !
My Papa is the most awesome man in my world. Having to be the main man in the family, he has to work hard, educate his children at the same time too and I'm sure his main priority is to be the best dad he can be. I will always pray for his health and may my one and only Papa be a much wiser, stronger and greater than what he is now. Thank you for showering me with all the love in the world though I might be a stubborn, naughty, rebellious.... girl at times. Panjangkan Umurnya, Ya Allah. I love you Pa (:


Today too marks the 1st year Arwah Atuk has left us. Arwah Atuk was a great man too, indeed. He was like a companion, a friend.. I remember always going back home from school and doing crossword puzzles with him. I still remember distinctively, when I brought him down to the Mall and we'll buy ourselves Nasi Pataya and when we get home, we'll see who has the most prawns. We'd ramble about ridiculous television movies we watched, saying how stupid the actor was and so on.. I'll always remember the times I spent with Arwah Atuk vividly. The times I had with Arwah Atuk will always be kept as memories and I'll carry it with me everywhere I go. I regretted at at times, failing to come to his wants and needs.. Who knew I'd never be able to do that with him again.. Now, a year has passed and Atuk's death has definitely made me a stronger person; having to overcome obstacles in life. Atuk has never directly said he loved me, but deep inside, I know he does but he just didn't know how to, then. Still, he was able to portray them.. Only if I could listen to his voice again, meet him again.. I'd say that I have always loved him.


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