Saturday, September 19, 2009

188, Alyph's 20th !

Fav Pic of Lyph and I taken on tht day.
Thanks Kak Lyn for the shot !

On 180909, we celebrated Alyph's advance 20th ! Met Nurul at bpp and we went to the place together. I was pissed at first cause to the rainy weather but it subsided soon enough. We went off to the place together.. The funnaye thing was we didnt knw where to take the bus from -.- We ended up taking the taxi. & Nurul paid for the fare.. Thanks Love :D

Reached there and met Aai and her cousin, Farah. We were crapping by then. Taking pictures.. Talking abt 'Siamang'.. and some other people.. You know, I know (: Nurul was tryna be a dumb blonde -.- She was tryna handle with Aai's DSLR and failed. She had the damn lens on when she wanted to take pictures.. She was like" Ehh, knape gelap" and we all were like laughing. HAHAHHAHHAHA ! Cute lah Nurul (:

Soon after, more came.... Trust me the place was kinda packed and the queues were long. Long I tell you. Thanks Mimi for ordering my food ! (: Syarif came with Desmond and as usual, more talking, laughing and crapping.. The starting was a lil hay-wired cause we wanted to do cake cutting outside and by the time right told me Lyph was here.. He was HERE ! haha..

Eat eat eat.. Talk talk talk.. Laugh laugh laugh.. I felt a lil releaved after being able to share our 'feedbacks'.. I'm sure you understand it too right, dude ? (: Carried on with cake cutting and lucky draw later.. Congrats to the Lucky Draw winners, btw ! Andand Alyph's open-some-presents-time.. Hehe. I liked that part very much. & Oh Wawa, I hope you like the unexpected belated birthday present ! hehe(:

Everything was all good except for the fact that the boys had to leave at 8.30pm cause they had to be at Mediacorp for Personality Zoom at Ria.. But that didn't stop some of us from staying back.. When most left, we, you know who you are, stayed and sat at a corner.. All listening to Ria. Hehe. It was hilarious I tell you, with the Ondeh-Ondeh.. lagu Raya and all.. Really ended my day pretty well.

Now, I'd like to thank those who were involved in the event ! Thank you to the wonderful Fans ! Not forgetting, Thank You to Aunty Maria & Family & Syarif too :D We all made it happen ! :D

And today marks Alyph's 20th Birthday !
Happy 20th Love !
I shall not elaborate on that cause I'm sure he has read what I had for him (:


I somewhat had a Sleeq Marathon when I met Rif the day after. Haha... It just so happened that we were at the exact place. Saying hi and bye thrice was definitely funnayee.. Lets 'See You Soon' again dude :D

& Now, I'd like to wish all Muslims a very Happy Hari Raya !
I hope that all my wrong doings to any of you, if I have ever upset you, irritate you and such.. I hope I'm forgiven. Lets all start from scratch ? Hehe.

& Sleeqfans !
Don't forget to watch Singtel Grid Girls today at 8pm !
I'm sure you wouldn't wanna miss watching the boys once again to teevee !
& knowing that it's being shown on Lyph's birthday......... Hehehe.



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