Monday, October 12, 2009

192, Awesome

I Love My Dearest Nabilah !

We've been spending so much time together at OUR house since.. Haha ! I cannot say how much I appreciate you being able to spend some time with me when it's totally outta school time. If you're reading this darl, you know what I mean. Therefore, I won't elaborate much.


I Love My Awesomist !

101009 was definitely a day to remember for us (: Like I said, it's like we've known each other all our lives when we've only been together for a few months now.. for most. Looking forward to having another catch-up session with this wonderful ladies of mine and maybe with Kak Nana, Dynna and so much more soon ! Fana Aai, Mai, Mirah, Nurul, Wawa !


On the other hand, I miss Lyph and Rif. The last time I met em' was during Lyph's 20th Surprise Birthday. It's gonna be nearly a month now ): I was browsing through some videos and I viewed this too..

Remember this ? During 8th Aug- Rentak Singapura. I'm sure those who were there too know what I'm talking about.. It made me smile so wide when I watched this video. We were so awesome with the loud screams and sing-along. And then, it just made me miss this Fantabulous Duos oh so much.. Therefore, I'm looking forward to their upcoming show. Insyallah, I'll be able to pop by to show some Love & Support !


So here's my update. I do realize that I do lack of updates, so don't tell. My EOY exams are gonna end soon, in 2 days time to be exact. Therefore, wish me all the best for my upcoming papers- F&N, Math Paper 2 and Art.

"Cause people just need to know how to trust .. "


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