Friday, October 16, 2009

193, Friendship

My Awesomist-Nurul Jannah.

Firstly, I would like to dedicate this to Nurul Jannah(picture above). It's really upsetting to know that your mum passed away but please be strong. I know you are. I would still want to see the smiling you when we meet.. I felt your agony all the way here when you txted me that she actually passed away. I wasn't able to do my Math paper with ease knowing that this dearest friend on mine wasn't in a good condition. Well, I've got lots to say but not here alright.. *winkwink*
Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.


Secondly, this post is for Nabilah and Syahirah. Did I mention I love them ? :P Well, this two Darla of mine have never failed to make me smile or laugh. Despite the fact that we only got to know each other this year, it feels as if you're known each other for decades. I am so thankful to be blessed with such two fine ladies as my friends. So sisters, as I may as. They both are the friends that will never leave me behind, make me feel left out, hurt me so bad.. I can rely on them for anything and never have I regretted telling you two girls my secrets neither have I regretted being friends with the both of you. *Hugs*


Oh, I have officially ended my EOY exams ! Results up next and Insyallah, I'll pass all my subjects. Since my exams are over and my holidays are commencing in a week time, I'll be F R E E. Therefore, fit me in your schedule and we'll have a date :D Feel free to ask me out, I'll try to be free for you but pls, tell me a few days in advance yeaa. On the other hand, I've been wanting to go out with a lot of people. A lot of Lovey Doveys to date with and I'm looking forward to meeting you ppl soon. Be prepared to go out with me if you happen to be on my list, will txt ya peps. :D

Still, I'm not oh so free yet. I'll be busy with work, business, Drama especially. The whole of next week will be my most busiest week ever. I'll be having rehearsals, full dress and such the whole of next week. I'll be having extensive rehearsals for Spectrum which is in like, 6 days time ! D: When I say extensive, I really do mean it.. Rehearsals are up to 8 hours, trust me, it doesn't only stop at 8 hours. From morning till 7pm, 8pm, 10pm, 11.30pm ? How's that ? I feel like someone's who working, youuu. LOL.

I'll be acting in a Musical on 23rd Oct.
What: Spectrum 4.
When: 23rd Oct, Friday.
Time: 8PM -10PM.
Tickets: $20.

If you happen to be free on that day and you'd like to drop by some love and support.
Tell me about it alright, I'll be glad to see you awesome people there (:

So, what do you think of my update today ?
K, bye.


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