Wednesday, October 21, 2009

194, Ahh now..

My family had a busy Open House on the 18th of October. Alongside with my wacky cousins, we're great ! Haha. Well, the Open House lasted from 1PM till midnight. I've been so so tired since. Tell me, I've been so preoccupied with stuffs and how couldn't I not be tired. And and this week is my busiest week yet. Knowing that I'll be home only at night because of extensive rehearsals and such. The sad thing is that I haven't gotten myself ample rest and sleep. I hate it. Im just so stubborn and God knows why -.-

19th October 09.

Met up with my oh so gerek clan ! I remember vividly those times we had in Primary School.. Few years of friendship and we're still as tight as sealed lid. It felt like ions since I met these wonderful people of mine. Never have I got damn elated to be able to meet them once more. Now, you tell me.. Who wouldn't be happy when you're able to meet people who will crack you up with their smallest stuffs and actions.

Khaliesa & Huda !

Syaza !

Khaliesa !

Atikah Fadil !

Izzatul !

Jannah !

Haziqah !


Khaliesa, Huda, Syaza, Atikah, Izzatul, Jannah & Haziqah are one of those most wonderful people I've met. Being able to be friends with them since then till now is such an honour. Never have I regretted being friends with them. They NEVER fail to make me laugh, smile and they would never hesitate to listen me out when I'm sad or in doubt. I hope that our friendship will bring us a long way.. Cause to me, our friendship matters. And I do hope that the times we had are still remembered cause I remember them distinctively (: I'd like to thank these 7 wonderful ladies of mine for being a part of my life. Wouldn't be complete without you girls..

& I hope to meet Sabrina soon too (:


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