Tuesday, October 27, 2009

195, Torn Apart

My Alter Ego- Sunny.

Sunny, Miranda, Ginger.

Spectrum IV

Spectrum IV- The first production that I was involved in
Spectrum IV- Where I got to work with the cast & crew
Spectrum IV- I had to go through a lot
Spectrum IV- I cried when I was in doubt
Spectrum IV- I began to lost faith
Spectrum IV- I showed that I CAN do it
Spectrum IV- Awesome
Spectrum IV- Definitely something remember by

I LOVE Spectrum IV.
Literally. All the above explains Spectrum.. How I had to go through it and all. Through it all, I managed to pull myself together and with the whole production, the production definitely killed it ! Spectrum 4 was off da hook ! I really can't explain it but it was like shit %^&*#$@! Drama received rapturous comments. It was definitely overwhelming to see that audience enjoyed our item most and with the tremendously great compliments received, it was just a blast. Believe me, I still haven't gotten over Spectrum yet *wink* hehe


When things aren't right, I'll be there for you to cry on
When things are fine, you forget me and move on
I never mind cause I knew you've been a great friend in my life
My life, you became a part of

When things began to change, I only tried to stay strong
But you never did knew how long I kept this feeling from
4 long months, haven;t you know ?
I never wanted you to know
I never wanted to tear our friendship apart
But you tore my heart apart and now...
I'm torn apart

Yes sure, I might not be as important to you as you think
But haven't u realized I've always been there for you
Whenever you fallin' ?
Now, tell me what's the issue ?
When I can't even relate me and you

Remember then when we were Best of Friends ?
When we thought we'd be together till the end
But I don't see that no more
Now, my heart is torn
Torn apart

We were as tight as sealed lid then
But we're nothing close to that now
Maybe I'm better off without you in your life
If that's what you want, then I'm fine

Cause one thing I can promise you
Is that you'll always be my friend
I just feel like tearing
But will you be there for me to cry on, friend ?

So, I have got my last say for you
That is, I Miss You


I need a getaway ...
Believe me, there is nothing else I can say


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