Thursday, October 29, 2009

196, The True You.

This post is specially dedicated to my Precious Syaza Syazwina <3

Dearest Syaza, Happy Birthday (: And this year too marks our 5th year of friendship. Though years have passed, I'll never forget the memories we share. As days and years past, I hope that you will become much more wiser, stronger, smarter and prettier too. But, i hope that all the times we shared wouldn't rust. Our friendship means a lot to me and I want you to know. I'd never mind spending another 5 years with you cause you mean a lot to me. At times, we experience conflicts and such but these what makes our friendship stronger and it too makes us understand each other better.

I want to you know that I appreciate our friendship oh so much.
Whatever happens in the long run, I'll always remember you.
Remember you as MY....

- Wackiest friend I had
- The other Laughing Machine
- The one whom I went to sch with in both Pri & Sec sch
- The one whom I spent most of my time with for a few years now
- The one that I would still wanna be friends with
- Last but not least, My GOT TO GET CAT girlfriend.

Hahaha :P

Well, I hope you enjoy your birthday.
May you have an enjoyable birthday, a great day ahead, be blessed and all the best in your future endeavour.

PS//: Tady kaw nk kt nanges eh bile aku, Nab & Irah nyanyi kn kaw bday song ? heheheh :P


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