Saturday, October 31, 2009

197, Puzzled

28th October.

Despite the fact that I was tired, I still wanted to make my way to Mediacorp so as not to miss Singapore Idol. I had no idea how to get there and I gave up on finding out on how to go thre, so I decided on Papa sending me to TCC. Got there and met Kak Nana, Aai, Kak SV and her cousin. We were at the mosh pit and I really enjoyed being there... *Aisha pose* HAHAHAHAHAHA ! We were laughing like some maniac there, trying to imitate this lady. LOL !

Dearest Malaquehere has been voted out. BUT ! Like what she said, It is not the end yet (: This shows how strong our pretty lady here is. Whatever it is, you'll still have our support and be sure that this will NOT be my last time meeting you (:
hehehehe. Awesomist and I ........ *winkwink
Get ready Awesomist ! <3

30th October.

Yet again, I went to Mediacorp. But this time, I went with Nurul :D I really wouldn't wanna tell you about what happened on our way there. So un-glam ! But, Thanks Aai ! *winkwink . Part of us Awesomist were there, such a pity that Kak Nana, Wawa and Mai were not able to join us. So yes, we attended Sheng Shiong Live and it was pretty good. Lyph and Rif, as usual, they were Awesome (: Somehow, Alyph looks a lil more matured with his new hair that shouts BOOMZ :D Rif looked like a gangster with his shirt untucked, bro seriously ;P

Some pictures:

Awesomist who were there (:

Cute 'geek-boy' Alyph

Sezaire happened to be there too !

Blur group photo -.-
I wonder where all our othr group photos are.

& yes, Ahmad Syarif.. I have no solo pic with you bro. Huahuahua.
Looking forward to spend my other days with awesome people again :D



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