Wednesday, November 4, 2009

198, My Bestfriend

4th October.

Went to the beach with dearest family :D
It was fun though.. Hehehe..

Some Pictures.

My brother.

My other brother.

Family umm... tree ? -.-

For more, go view my facebook yo.

I've been going to school for the past three days. Monday and Wednesday for Drama and Tuesday for MT Newsmaker thingy. Guess what, only 4 people attended class on Tuesday. Damn irritated but anyhoo, at least I got 1..2..3.. 7 chocolates from Cikgu. Wahahahaha. I was with Jannah through out. Oh wait, Jannah aka Poddi. :D I did take some pictures but I shall not upload them. Hehe. Embarrassing dokkk.

Drama has been fun too yknw. We've been rehearsing for some events.. Hehehe. Yesterday was great, really. We had a mini birthday celebration for Ms Ruby. I swear Ms Asmidah's cookies are damn awesome. Her cookies are like those from Famous Amos. This way, I need not go to Famous Amos no more... I'll drop by Ms Asmidah's house for cookies. HAHAHAHA. && Neesya's brownies are great too......... Yummayeee !

I AM a Nerd. :D

Jannah- My Poddi.

I told you, I enjoyed Neesya's brownies.

PS:// Pls bake me cookies for my birthday.. It's 1st Jan, btw *winkwink.

In 4 day's time, Mr Riffy's gna turn 20.
Hehehehehe ;P


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