Thursday, November 5, 2009

199, Rainy Days.

Yes, it has been raining cats and dogs for the past few days and every time I have to go to school, I'll have to end up walking in the rain. -.- Rainy weathers are nice, when you get to have a wonderful beauty sleep but it's like EVERYDAY now.

I think Singapore is getting pretty crazy.
It'll rain and then stop and then rain again.
I think it just can't figure out whether to rain or shine.

How have your holidays been, good people ? Mine felt as if it hasn't started yet. Well, kinda true actually since there has been school here and there. Another two days in school on Monday and Wednesday for Drama and no more school........... For the year that is. He-he.

Yknw, life has it ups and downs, good and bad.
At times, people look too much on the bad and the down times they have/had.
But, memories are better left as memories right ?
SO, why do people still look too much on what has happened.
Aren't we just suppose to anticipate what tomorrow has got for us..
What does tomorrow got for us, anyway ?

I'm bored, shit.....


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