Wednesday, November 11, 2009

200, So many events D:

I've got so many to share about and so, I'm gonna share em' now (:

So a few days back, i went to TWP, my primary school. I was told to go by Mama since she has her duties and such and I have to be like the babysitter for Fakhrul -.-. So yea.. I did go and it felt a lil awkward cause it has been so long since I actually went to my primary school and even met my primary school teachers. The events lined up were not as fascinating or anything.. No comment. So yea, i did meet my Track & Field juniors and all... Did have a lil time reminiscing the past.. AND I got to meet my beloved Zakira aka YAYA !! :D
I miss Yaya and Sabrina like *&^%$#@!
I hope to go for a holiday with them again sometime, like we always did a few years back.
Hopefully Hong Kong this coming december ! :D


Like I said, I've been having drama every Monday and Wednesday and today marks the last day of drama for the year. Till I meet of em' people again on the 28th of November for Open House ! So two days ago, on Monday.. As per usual, we had drama and we zoomed off to Pizza Hut at United Square after that.

Ms Ruby gave the whole Drama Club a treat ! :D Fun ain't it ? This was like a "Post Party cum Farewell Ms Ruby" thingy since she won't be with the drama club next year. *sorrow face* It is sad since it's my first yet last year with Ms Ruby. Have got so much more to learn from her but, it is fine i guess. So we had pizzas and I think i had 7 or 8 slices of pizza. :S It was definitely fun(: Iman, Venessa, Jannah, Esaias and I went to Ben&Jerry's soon after and we too headed to Toys R Us. Don't ask. -.-


On 9th November...

Dearest Syarif here officially turned old ! hahahah. Well, Rif turned 20 !!
Time flies doesn't it ? I've known him and Lyph when they were both 17 and look, they're 20 now! Though Rif turned old, don't fret okay bro, we still love you. He-he. All the best in your future endeavour and may I still meet you 20 years later too, when you turn older (: Haha.

K, I'm sorry if I irritated you Rif by telling you how old you're gonna be :P


Now now, I'm looking forward to 15th November !!!
My girls know why. Hehe !

So to my lovable Awesomist, lets make 15th OUR day..
Lets enjoy 15th like we never did alongside with the 2 other people we love *wink
I hope time will fly as fast as possible because believe me, I am very impatient

And knowing tht yesterday was out so-called 1st Monthsary..
Here's something for all you 5 girls.

Trust me, I love you girls oh so much. Literally.

So till my next post !
Fana (:


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