Thursday, November 12, 2009

201, Lima Belass

So everyone is making their way to TP or they are already at TP but I am ummm.. NOT. Apparently, my girls purpose to head down to TP is to obviously meet Lyph & Rif -.- But never mind, I shall be a good girl and wait for 15th (: Even though i am clearly 'jealous' and 'irritated' by the fact that I am not at TP. -.-

Countdown: 2 more days.

To be truthful, I am very impatient.
Trust me, it is not what you think it is. (:
Seriously, what you're thinking now..
No It Is Not That.

So, I guess my holidays haven't been productive. I think I've been spending too much time on the laptop, watching the tv, occupying myself by with msging and whatnots.. So unhealthy of me! S: I have officially decided to change all of these. I'm gonna start with my own timetable and follow it. Read more books, do assessments and less on my 'unhealthy' habits. -.-
Seriously, my holidays are unlike yours bitch.

I've come to my senses that O levels are actually near. Yes, I did say that. Come to think of it, I will be Sec 2 next year and I have to be extra hardworking since there will be streaming and the year after, I'll be in Sec 3. So, when I'm in Sec 3, I have be extra extra hardworking knowing that I'll be taking my O's the next year. Apparently, by the time I'm in Sec 4, I have no catching up to do. The only thing I'll be able to do by that time is revision. After that, I have to face O levels.

To start on that, I went to the library yesterday. Yes, I actually did. You know, I don't have much interest in reading books. But, I guess I have to start on that sometime and that will be now. Still, i do remember the times when I was 8,9 and 10 when books were my passion. Hahahaha. I wonder how I lost that interest. :/ So yea, I'm gna challenge myself to read 2 books within 3 weeks. HOHO -.-

Yes, i think far. My mind always thinks about what's gonna happen in the long run. I don't think there is an issue to that. To me, it is good to be thinking in that kind of perspective. At least, I know what my purpose and goals are. Yea sure, call me a Nerd. It is definitely a no wonder why some of my classmates call me a Nerd. But serious speaking, I'd rather be one than to be a slack-ish bimbo (:

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Au Revouir !


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