Friday, November 13, 2009

202, Jumps In Excitement.

Countdown: It Is T O M O R R O W !!!

Yes, the long awaited day that my girls and I'm sure some of you people out there, you know who you are, have been looking forward to [: So the day is tomorrow and I really can't wait to meet so many people. The people whom I haven't got the chance to meet. The people whom I have never met. The people who I apparently just can't wait to meet. The people whom I truly miss.

So, some of these people just ended their O levels. I hope it went well for them. Hopefully, the results will be just as great in return for their hard work in their Os. Just to name some..
I miss you like i never miss you before ):
Like seriously, I miss my Wonderlady.
Dearest WAWA & NURUL !
Dearest AZURA !
Hahahah !

Be sure that there are so much more than these people who I can't wait to meet. :D

So, what is my plan for today anyway? Will be heading down to Cik Ina's later since Nenek Peah invited us there. Nenek Peah is like one of the most cutest Nenek(s) I have. Haha. After that, I shall get some pictures printed for something something and for Mak (:

Mak will be leaving for Haj on the 22nd. Will definitely miss her when she's there for 29 days. Mak is like my second mother, so why wouldn't I miss her ? Nevertheless, I will pray for her safety and good health when she's there (:

I shall get going with eating my breakfast [:
Awesome day ahead goodie ppl !


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